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Saona baby

Best gift sets and baby shower gift boxes for babies from 0 to 5 months.

Give the gift of
love and comfort

Comfort, care, pure happiness...
We gathered the warmest feelings,
so you can pass them along through our cashmere collection and boxes for babies.
Each item is wrapped with care in tissue paper, then laid in a beautiful gift box… ready to become a cherished memento for that lucky loved one in your life.

our clothes are of the highest quality and safe for even the smallest among us

3-ply Cashmere

All of our collection is made with 3-ply cashmere. This means that it has a thicker texture, less pilling and a close knit unlikely to pull apart or stretch.

100% of our packaging is made from recycled materials

Our "Memory Boxes", as we call the gift boxes, are made from 100% recycled materials. They are produced in a boutique family paper mill in Barcelona with 5 employees already into its second generation. Family tradition is shaped into every box.
Our factory uses soft loch water from a famous Scottish nature reserve. The water is purified and returned to preserve local flora and fauna. The dyes are ecologically sound, hence the water used is easily cleaned and returned to the loch.

Safe and hypoallergenic

Our cashmere is sewn in a small, family-owned factory in Venice with 6 employees. Every piece of Saona Cashmere is hand-sewn by Italian masters.


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the highest quality and safe for even the smallest among us
Three-ply cashmere gift set
for a new-born baby presented in 4 universal colors suitable
for both boy and girl.
Hand-collected baby shower gift box of 3-ply cashmere treasures carefully wrapped in the contrast tissue-paper.

Choose Your Gift Set

Three-ply cashmere gift set for a new-born baby presented in 4 universal colors suitable for both boy and girl.

gifts Saona with care for everyone

Cashmere has a combination of warming and moisture-wicking qualities that create a toasty, dry microclimate cosy for baby. The fabric is soft to the touch and will not irritate delicate skin.
Any mum will appreciate our attention to detail! Jumpsuits with buttons down the legs for easy nappy changes; a light blanket, perfect to slip in your bag for town or vacation alike; a cap with ties for especially wiggly babies.
If you are looking for baby gifts, but you do not know the gender, any shade from our Saona Cashmere collection will work well for both boys and girls. Light Grey, Turquoise, Beige Taupe or Powder White, which colour do you like best?
Now there is no need to fret about what surprise to get your grandchild. Simply choose a set, and your present will be sent to any address in the world already wrapped in a beautiful gift box!





That is all you need
to know about cashmere

Cashmere is an immense world of tenderness and love. It is a truly amazing and exclusive material which conveys our emotions and feelings and is also timeless.
Items made from cashmere have no expiration date and can last forever if you follow simple rules of care.
all about cashmere

about our cashmere brand

In Italy, where I lived for many years, there is this wonderful tradition of giving valuable gifts to welcome newborns. These gifts are held on to for generations and become cherished heirlooms for children and their parents.
Our brilliant gift boxes with their rustling, silky paper are guaranteed to be the perfect choice to brighten anyone's day: for baby (our cashmere is like their mother's warm, soft caress), for mum (the perfect cashmere outfit for baby's first portrait) and dad (a ready-made gift set in decorative box).
The idea for Saona Cashmere's newborn gift sets were born in these intimate family moments of bliss.
We are not giving perfect gifts. We are giving you spiritual warmth, loving care for those closest, and a sense of pure happiness. Open one of our Saona Cashmere magic boxes and experience it for yourself.
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